National Meeting - January 4-8, 2019

  • 04 Jan 2019
  • 08 Jan 2019
  • Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta Marriott Marquis January 4-6, 2019

Conference Organizers:

David G. Tucek, Value Economics LLC (

Scott Dale Gilbert, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (

Session 1: Stationarity Tests and Margin of Error in Forensic Economics

(2:30pm-4:30pm on Friday, January 4th)

Session Chair: William G. Brandt, Brandt Forensic Economics ( “Stationarity Tests on Medical Net Discount Rates”

Robert Baumann, College of the Holy Cross ( David Schap, College of the Holy Cross (

Discussant:  David Tucek

“Stationarity of Equity Risk Premiums Derived from Duff and Phelps SBBI Data” Steven J. Shapiro, New York Institute of Technology ( Stephen Horner, Consulting Economist (

Discussant:  Scott Gilbert

“The Margin of Error on Damages Calculations in Class Action Wage and Hour Cases” Jeffrey S. Petersen, Allman & Petersen Economics, LLC ( Phillip H. Allman, Allman & Petersen Economics, LLC ( Discussant:  Dwight Steward

Session 2: Retirement and Bequest Issues in Forensic Economics

(8:00am-10:00am on Saturday, January 5th.)

Session Chair: Christina P. Tapia, Northwest Economics ( “Retirement Patterns of the Early and Middle Baby Boomers”

Kevin E. Cahill, The Center on Aging & Work at Boston College (

Discussant:  Gregg Erickson

“Pension Treatment Under the Collateral Source Rule”

Joseph I. Rosenberg, Joseph I. Rosenberg, CFA, LLC (

Discussant:  James D. Rodgers

“Legal Malpractice Damages Arising from Probate Matters”

Craig Allen, Commonwealth Research Group, Inc. ( Discussant: Constantine Boukidis

Session 3: Accounting for Earnings Capacity and Worklife Expectancy

(10:15am-12:15pm on Saturday, January 5th.)

Session Chair: A. Frank Adams III, Adams Economic Consulting ( “Earning Capacity in the Quantity Dimension: The State of the Science” Stephen Horner, Consulting Economist (

Frank Slesnick, Bellarmine University (

Michele Angerstein-Gaines, Consulting Economist (

Discussant:  William G. Brandt

“An Econometric Model of Worklife Expectancy and Normative Retirement” Scott Dale Gilbert, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale (

Discussant:  William Rogers

“An Overview of Refinements to the SCK Worklife Methodology” Gary R. Skoog, Legal Econometrics, Inc. ( James E. Ciecka, DePaul University (

Kurt V. Krueger, John Ward Economics ( Discussant:  Ed Foster

Session 4: Special Topics in Forensic Economics

(2:30pm-4:30pm on Saturday, January 5th.)

Session Chair: Lane Hudgins, Lane Hudgins Analysis (

“Business Strategy and Firm Location Decisions: Testing Traditional and Modern Methods” Patrick L. Anderson, Anderson Economic Group, (

Discussant:  Frank Adams

“Neutralizing the Adverse Effect of State and Federal Income Taxes (due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017) on Lump Sum Awards in Employment Cases”

Michael Nieswiadomy, University of North Texas ( Thomas Loudat, Economic Consultant (

Discussant:  Thomas Roney

“Mitigating Future Economic Damages in Disputes Involving Credit Damages” Roman Garagulagian, Forensic Economic Services ( Discussant:  Lane Hudgins

David Tucek


& Scott Gilbert (

- Vice Presidents - At Large

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